A Kitchen Volunteer’s Story:

Pat Estes

Pat Estes Photo.png

Pat Estes has been a volunteer for Break Bread since day one. In fact, she was a part of the conversations held at Littleton United Methodist Church that created Break Bread. Most Saturdays, Pat helps with set-up, shares in the meal and conversation at the table, and washes dishes for her neighbors.

Here is Pat’s volunteer story:

Many of us have experienced being inundated with frequent requests to send money overseas to help hungry children in other countries.  When my church (LUMC) began looking at the societal needs in Littleton, we learned that there were many children in our own neighborhood experiencing food insecurity.  This realization was enough for me to get involved.  That is how Break Bread all started, yet that is not exactly how it has played out.  We not only provide meals for hungry children and families, we share meals with neighborhood adults experiencing homelessness, as well as many senior citizens who live nearby.  However, it is not just food we are sharing with them.  We are seeing that our friendship, companionship, interest, and caring are meeting other needs, too.  I work mainly in the kitchen, but I have noticed that those who came in shyly their first time to dine with Break Bread, now come in happily conversing with others like family each week.  The pleasure of seeing this makes the work I am doing in the kitchen worth every minute.  I see people blessing each other, and being blessed in return, each Saturday night by the Break Bread community.