An Activities Helper’s Story: Sarah Haysley

The British folks may have Mary Poppins in their midst, but here at Break Bread we have a team of delightful volunteers with green name badges who lead our children’s activities after each meal.  Here is a story written by Sarah Haysley, one of our youth ambassadors who works with our children!

Haysley, Sarah photo IMG_0323 cropped.jpg

Over the past few months, I have had the pleasure of getting to know many amazing people whom I probably wouldn’t have gotten the chance to get to know without Break Bread. When I tell people about my time volunteering for Break Bread, their first reaction is “Wow -- how kind of you!” What they don’t realize is I don’t volunteer at Break Bread to be a good citizen or get praise from others. I volunteer at Break Bread simply as a neighbor and to get to know the amazing people in my community.

Let me start with sharing a little bit about my new friend I met at Break Bread who has, over only one month, completely changed my life. My friend deals with a variety of disabilities and is nonverbal. She communicates through her gorgeous smile and various other actions. Her endless positivity despite the extra challenges she deals with on a daily basis has reminded me to appreciate the little things. Not only is she an incredible person and an amazing friend, but her mother is just as inspiring. Her overwhelming faith and appreciation for the world is so inspiring, and getting to know her has brightened my life.

In my role as an activities volunteer, each week I get the pleasure to play with various kids; some I know well, and others I am still getting to know. No matter what, we always have a great time.  The kids are just a bundle of joy and always ready for a fun game or new craft! I love getting to learn from the kids about their lives. I have learned very important words in Spanish, like rainbow and unicorn. Whether I play with kids, hang out with my new friend, talk with her mom, or meet new people, I always leave Break Bread with a positive attitude and a refreshed view on life. Break Bread has become something I look forward to each week, not because I can say I’m volunteering, but because the people there are incredible and kind. They have changed my life more than I can imagine that I will change theirs.