A Meal Server’s Story: Harvey Lee

Harvey Lee.jpeg

An apron is the favorite fashion that you’ll see Harvey wearing as he carries bowls filled with delicious food from the kitchen to the dining tables while volunteering in his favorite role as a meal server.

Here is Harvey’s story!

I live a privileged life. My father immigrated to the United States when he was 13. Without formal education, he worked in kitchens; through hard work and savings, he eventually purchased a restaurant in Oregon. That business provided for our family and allowed me to go to college. I live a comfortable, upper middle-class life with a wife and two daughters who are headed soon to college. My long-term steady career has allowed us to afford to take vacations and eat at restaurants. In my middle age, I am long removed from financial hardship, and my peers are largely people like me.

Break Bread has transformed me. Being on the other side of meal service is a reminder of how lucky I am. It is an honor to bring food to those who join us and are looking for a hot meal, who want to engage in fellowship and conversation, or those just looking for a warm place for a few hours. At Break Bread, it is our neighbors’ turn to sit and be waited on and it is my turn to greet and welcome them, fill their glass and plates, and then help clean up. It is my call to action to use my hands and feet to provide the basic human needs of food and friendship. I am the one whose soul is fed by the experience. It is grounding. It is humbling. It is rewarding. It is transformative.