Who We Are

Break Bread is everyone who enters the door


Break Bread is a Colorado non-profit serving the greater Littleton community.  
But really - Break Bread is you - it's anyone and everyone who enters
the door to share in a community meal as a neighbor.  

Break Bread is led and supported by two staff members and a
13 person volunteer Board of Directors.


  • Jen Engquist - Executive Director

  • Joe Ruder - Chef

A word of Thanks to Littleton UMC for your role in creating the hope and vision for Break Bread:
Thank you so much to the many members of LUMC who have helped Break Bread to begin in a beautiful way! Already, we are so blessed by the neighbors who join us to "compartir el pan." From the volunteers, I continue to learn about the hospitality and love of LUMC. Love and hospitality, of course, made it onto the top 5 list of core values for Break Bread - those values that are the collaboration of a dream for what could be and the strong roots of your church, from which the dream of Break Bread grew. With joy, those of us who have been able to participate in the Saturday evening meals have shared in fellowship with each other and with new friends, building relationships through laughter and conversation (some in "Spanglish!"), delicious food, and play.  All of these strike me as what is becoming the Break Bread definition of nourishment. Your love and commitment are such a blessing.

Jen Engquist, Executive Director

Board of Directors

(Click the title link above to read bios of our Directors.)

  • Paul Parish - Chair

  • Keven Kinaschuk - Vice President

  • David Wojahn - Treasurer

  • Abby Anderson - Secretary

  • Erika Dawkins - School Liaison

  • Sara Green - School Liaison

  • Erin Jones

  • Jerry Krause

  • Matt Lichlyter

  • Raquel Martinez

  • John Ostermiller

  • Rev. Trudy Robinson


And to our great collaborators and partners in the community, especially North Littleton Promise, Littleton Public Schools, Love INC., Mackintosh Academy, Great Escape Early Learning Center, King's Pantry, and our incredible volunteers and donors. You make it easy to love and show love in Littleton.